Our belief is we were put on this earth to be good stewards. Those of us who put the core of our very being into helping as many of the abused and abandoned angels that we can simply believe this is what should be done. It is a dauntless journey, but even the strongest among us have times when we crater and fall. The pain, the suffering and sheer numbers that lay before us each and every day can become the title wave that brings us to our knees.

So why do we do it? Because when the day is done and we still for a moment, we look into the eyes that would not be open, we watch the tug of war that would not be taking place, we witness the joy of a simple romp in the grass, we see the safe contentment of lying in a comfy bed that would otherwise be empty and we smile for those few that we were able to save.
Some days we get a picture sent by the proud parents of those who have been placed in loving a home by our hand, and “behold it was very good.” We smile with renewed strength and determination to start the next day and make a difference for one more.