German Shepherd Dog - Senior - Male
Adoptable Large Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotshousetrained

Hi, my name is Nik. Like thousands of other companion animals I am praying for a loving family and home of my own for the rest of my journey. At nine years old I have experienced only what it feels like to be a thing, an unwanted toy that was cast out in a back yard, some food and water no shelter no love. I used to dig holes next to the house for some place to protect myself from the elements a bit. Then my people moved, they left me there in that back yard with nothing. For over 2 months I stayed there, only through the kindness of a lady did I receive food and water lowered to me over the fence every day. She had been trying all that time to find someone, some rescue who had room to take me, but here there are thousands in the same sort of plight or worse off than I was. There just isn’t a place for all of us.

Then the hurricane came blowing in, It was then she knew I had to get out of that back yard, I would most certainly drown as this was the biggest storm ever. Through my guardian angel and numerous others pulling together I was taken from that back yard and so my life truly began.

I’ve been in foster care for 10 months, I have been cared for and fully vetted. I am now a healthy happy boy and I feel like a bit of a puppy again, but its time for me to have “my person, my family” to love and that truly love me. I have learned what playing with a toy is, I can sit and walk quite nicely on a leash and I do get along with dogs. I know the comfort of a soft cushy bed, good food and clean bowls to eat and drink from. I no longer shutter when someone reaches out to give me love and pet my now thicker fur.

If you are looking for a wonderful companion, one that will appreciate the love you give and give it back two fold, I’m your boy. Please contact my rescue peeps and lets meet. You won’t regret it, Promise……….. Love Nik Oh and PLEASE go to my personal FB page, for more about my story and more pictures of my so handsome self.