A Rescuers New Years Eve Resolve

The dawn of a New Year approaches
A time for reflection and retrospect for all

In rescue this time is a bit different
Our “taking inventory” is of a different character

We look back on those who have touched our lives,
torn out our heart and the stories that have brought us to our knees.
To those whose lives we have touched, loved, healed; lives we have made better, worth living devoid of pain, abuse and suffering

The tears we have shead, each and everyone of us alone, could fill an ocean
It seems tears flow more oft than not; tears of heartbreak and tears of joy
Tears for when we first see them and when they leave us; it matters not the “how they leave us.”

So where do we go from here
Ours is not a New Years “resolution;”
Ours is a resolve

We WILL continue to fight
We WILL embrace every victory in order to survive every loss
We WILL live in the moment, but still focus on the future
We WILL ban together to effect a change

And one day, with the Creators guidance and love
There WILL be no need for us……………
For we ARE RESCUE………

From the heart of Starfish Resuce……………..